Sunday, 30 March 2014

First Shots

I worked in the City before, on St. Mary Axe, right opposite where the Gherkin is now. For several years until March,I had a nice easy 30 minute drive against the traffic. But now I find myself commuting into London again, and paying an extortionate amount of money to stand up in a train every day. I have been keen on street photography for a while, but not very confident doing it. Just before starting my new job I treated myself to a Fuji X100s ( a lovely camera) with the aim of doing more street photography and getting more confident at it. I might even have the confidence one day to ask people if I can take their picture.
My first walkabout shots at lunchtime were taken before I knew about the "Bleeding London" Project but, the project is open to any picture taken after March the 7th, so they count.

My first shot was taken outside my office, Tower 42, on Old Broad Street. The building was previously known as the NatWest tower and was the headquarters of the National Westminster bank. Its quite an iconic building in London, and was its tallest building prior to One Canada Square in Canary Wharf.

The following shot is also taken by Tower 42, from one of the little walkways that goes about street level.

The following picture is taken on Lime Street, outside the Willis building (with Lloyds of London out of picture to the right). I don't anything about this "art" installation but will endeavour to find out.

Round the corner is Leadenhall Street, with the "Cheesegrater" building as it is fondly known. I remember being perplexed by the demolition of the previous building on this site - it was demolished from the bottom up (more information on wikipedia if you are interested).