Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Friday's Fleety Friar

A complete lack of imagination sees me combine three street names into a blog title. These images are from one particular evening after work, all of which are in the vicinity of St. Paul's. The first street I photographed was Friday Street, which is just off Cannon Street to he west of the Cathedral. It is a street that I had walked down a few times without being inspired enough to take a photo, but this time I got something.

Next was Addle Hill which is not very hilly and not very interesting either although at the end I found a sign stating "No waste to be left in this area at any time" beneath which there was a lot of "waste".

From here there is the wonderfully named Wardrobe Terrace a small passageway that leads down to Queen Victoria Street. According to the londonist the name does refer to a wardrobe - the "Great Wardrobe" was responsible for kings garments and moved to this spot in 1361. The passageway runs down side of the church "St. Andrew by the Wardrobe".

Close by and just off Cater Lane is Friar Street.

Back up towards St. Paul's and just off Ludgate Hill is Creed Lane. The following shot was taken outside a typical souvenir shot aimed at the tourists.

Almost opposite here is Stationers Hall Court, where the worshipful company of Stationers and newspaper makers are located. The shot below was taken in the alley of the same name that leads to the courtyard.

Next up is Warwick Passage, which leads connects Warwick Square (of Warwick Lane) to the Old Bailey and which goes right beneath the famous courts. I had previously come across this passage from the square but fond the gate locked. This time I came across the passage from the Old Bailey and entrance was not prohibited.

My final shot of the evening was of Fleet Passage and taken along the side of the City Thameslink station.

This was also the last image taken in May, so it 's time to show the updated map.