Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The north side of cheapside

The title gives the location away - between Cheapside and Gresham Street. The few images here were  all taken before xmas, and this little outing completed this section of the map.

First up is King Street. Walking along here, the sun was low and creating some really nice long shadows, though the strong sunlight was also a little problematic.

Parallel to King Street is of Lawrence Lane. I wasn't overly inspired here but decided to focus on the man getting into his car, getting down low to use the yellow line as a lead-in.

Off of King Street, and which leads to Lawrence Lane, is Trump Street.

Trump Street very quickly turns into Russia Row. In the image below I was inspired to take a sneaky looking sort of shot, but with a juxtaposition provided by the security camera. Photographers get a raw deal from the public sometimes and whilst I have never had a problem I do know of people who have had abuse hurled at them because they happened to be photographing in the vicinity of (fully clothed) children, but not photographing them. In 2013 it was reported that the UK had just under 6 million CCTV cameras, or one per eleven of the population, with 5.5 million of those are in private hands. Mobile apps are now available that offer live streaming of cctv footage, yet few people seem concerned about whom is videoing our streets and what the footage is being used for.
I have been stopped a few times by people since I started this project, but most were just curious as to what I was photographing, and all took a genuine interest in the project and wished me luck, when I told them about it. It did however take me quite a while to have some level of confidence to photograph on the street, and to begin with I was very nervous about doing so. I think it helps that Londoners are so used to tourists taking pictures. The paranoia about photographers being pedophiles or terrorists means that whilst we are in an age where more people have cameras than ever before, we are not documenting our streets or way or life as much as we used to. A related matter, is the increasing amount of huge areas of private land, where you are restricted from taking photographs by over zealous security guards if they deem you to be in possession of a "professional" looking camera of heaven forbid a tripod. The whole of the Canary Wharf estate is privately owned, as are large sections of the South Bank, and photography there can be problematic.

Right, off my high horse. A bit further west, and between Wood Street and Gutter Lane is Goldsmith Street. I was quite pleased with the image below, the timing was spot on.

Half way down Gutter Lane and leading to Foster Lane is Priest's Court.

At on point this splits into two alleys, the other being Rose and Crown Court.

The final image of the day was taken on Carey Lane, which also connects Gutter Lane and Foster Lane.

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