Sunday, 5 July 2015

A little bit more of St. Paul's and elsewhere

We are now back in May, so moving on, but not really catching up. I have a few streets left around the St. Paul's area to start off with. First up is Panyer Alley. This shot was taken standing on Panyer Alley, but probably really shows Paternoster Row. Something interesting on Panyer Alley that I didn't spot though is a stone carving of a boy on a panyer, which is a bread basket. For some more information head over to Uncovering London and Hidden London

At the other side of Paternoster Square is Rose Street and this shot was taken from the end where it meets Newgate Street.

Just off Rose Street is White Hart Street, which does not have a lot of interest. The best I could do was to frame these two black vents (?) and wait for someone to walk past in the right position.

Now to the southern side of the Cathedral, and to someone else advertising the same fish and chip restaurant as featured in a previous blog. This time it is a different but equally bored person (wouldn't you be ? ) on  a different street, this time Godliman Street.

A bit further along St. Paul's Churchyard and on the southern side is Old Change Court. There is not much here really other than a cocktail bar, but I manged to get a shot I was happy with.

Carter Lane adjoins Old Change Court and runs Parallel to St. Paul's Churchyard to the Blackfriars area. Running between Carter Street an Knightrider Street is an unusual alley called New Bell Yard. Its at the back of  the (five star) Grange St. Paul's hotel and there is an entrance to the hotel, where they have some outside seating. The alley is not much longer than what can be seen in the image, so quite a bit of it is taken up by the hotel.

Lastly I am heading off somewhere completely different - to Hayne Street near Smithfield's market. Since I started this project there has been a building site next to this narrow alley with boards on one side and just a hairdressers on the other. Many times I have walked by looking for inspiration, and I didn't find any this time either, but came away with a usable image, of sorts.

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