Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A bit of this

A bit of a mixed bag, location wise, coming up, with shots from a couple of different areas. First is a picture I quite like, taken on Fen Court between Fenchurch Avenue and Fenchurch Street. The sculpture in the image is called the "Gilt of Cain" and commemorates the abolition of the transatlantic slavery trade in 1807 and led to freeing of slaves across the British Empire. The sculpture was opened by the Archbishop Desmond Tuto in 2008.

A bit further along Fenchurch Street, and connecting with Lime Street, is Cullum Street. Its a small street and a little bit tardy, with the best bit this short under cover section at the Lime Street end.

The following shot is my second not very good picture of the Walkie Talkie building, This one is from a different side, on Philpot Lane. It's fairly obvious what grabbed my attention here.

Now for a completely different area, and Gresham Street, which leads from the Bank of England down to St. Martin's Le Grand.

One of the Streets off Gresham Street is Aldemanbury, which took a couple of visits to get a half decent shot, as despite having an entrance to the Guildhall, there is not a huge amount to shout home about.

A few minutes away off the Rotunda is Montague Street, where I was enticed by the reflections in the window below.

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