Sunday, 12 October 2014

Falling Behind again Part II..

And not catching up either. Following on belatedly from my last where I mentioned the week had been split into two areas, this post is about the second of those areas - between London Wall and Gresham Street.

The images here were split between one morning and one evening. 8:44 am in the morning and a homeless man was asleep on a bench in Noble Street, cigarette still in his hand, whilst commuters happily walked passed oblivious to his presence.

Another shot from Noble Street.

Just off Noble Street is Oat Lane, a short street with not much going on, or to photograph.

Oat Lane has a 90 degree bend in it (but its not a corner as such) where it turns into Standing Lane. . The picture below is of Standing Lane. I quite liked the black and white pattern on the windows here and waited a few minutes hoping for someone interesting wearing black and white to walk by. I was rewarded fairly quickly.

At the afore mentioned bend there is also an alley of sorts, St. Alban's Court,  that leads through to Wood Street. Here I managed to get two very different pictures, both of which I am really pleased with.

Jumping around a little bit now, we have Three Nun Court, a walkway in between Aldermnbury and Basinghall Street. I had been past it a few times before, but it wasn't signposted, nor was it named on Google Maps, and its not on Bing Maps at all. It is however on  City Maps 2 Go (an app on my phone) and it it titled, and it was only after spotting it on my phone that I realised that I needed to photograph it. If Superman ever visits London, he will stay well clear of this particular spot.

Back in the other direction heading East and to Angel Street, where I saw an interesting reflection in a coach.

At the top end of Angel Street is King Edward Street, where I took one my shadow and light shots.

The north end of Kind Edward Street turns into Little Britain where I did not see the only gay in the village (reference to the sketch Show "Little Britain" for those not based in the UK ), and not a lot to write home about. Since I am making references though, I will point out that this street features in Charles Dickens Great Expectations as the location of Jaggers' office,

Finally for this post, somewhere completely different, a small little alley near the bank of England, called Founders Court, which I photographed a bit closer to work.

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