Monday, 24 November 2014

More around Smithfield

Another quick morning shoot before work saw me start of at Fenchurch Street tube and tackle some of the streets south of the market. First up was Hosier Lane where I saw a more traditional cafe that will no doubt get turned into a Starbucks or something similar in a few years time.

This picture was taken on the junction with Giltspur Street and a little further along Giltspur Street on the junction with Cock Lane is where the Great fire of London stopped burning. It is commemorated by the Golden Boy of Pye Corner statue, but I photographed some roadworks instead.

From here I walked down to Holburn Viaduct where I was attracted to the steel girders in the picture below.

Off of the viaduct and leading back up to Smithfield is Snow Hill. I struggled for inspiration here for a bit, and was a bit conscious that I might look a bit suspicious walking up and down with my camera in front of the City of London police station;  I finally settled on a image of Boris' Bikes.

I then headed off to Greyfriars passage. This is the location of the Christ Church Greyfriars which was destroyed by the Great fire, rebuilt by Wren, and then mostly destroyed again in second world war. The ruins are now a public garden. Next door is the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, formed after the acquisition of the latter by the former in the wake of the credit crunch.

By now it was time to head to the office and I had time for one more street, Gutter Lane, where I appropriately took a shot from the gutter.

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