Friday, 6 February 2015

Up to date finally

This week I went out with my camera for the first time in over a month, as I have not been out and about much whilst I get over the chest infection I had. Since I now need to start editing and blogging again, I thought I better get up to date. So this post is the last of the images from last year, taken in the area between Holborn and Fleet Street. Since it was a while ago now, I may not have much to comment about.

First up is Harp Alley, which runs between St. Bride Street and Farringdon.

Continuing down St. Bride's street, there is a fork to the right called Poppin's Court.

Now we are onto Fleet Street and the following image, from next to Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, was taken from the hip.

To the side of the pub is Cheshire Court, where the following picture was taken.

There are quite a few little alleys off  Fleet Street, many of which I have covered in previous posts, but a few more follow below, which I will simply name.

Gough Square

Hind Court

Bolt Court

St. Dunstans Court

Heading back north away from Fleet Street now. Next up is Pemberton Row which is just off New Fetter Lane.

Nevill Lane is also off of New Fetter Lane and leads to what appears to be a fairly new and shiny office and retail space at New Street Square.

Continuing up New Fetter Lane is Rolls Buildings.

And finally my last shot of the day, was of Plumtree Court,

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