Thursday, 5 March 2015

Back on the horse again

After almost a month of pottering around the house and working from home, it was good to get out and about with my camera. It was also good to walk around an area that was new to me, or new to this project anyway -  a triangular area between Queen Victoria Street, Cheapside and St. Paul's Cathedral.

I will start off with my favorite image from this day, which was of a very friendly butcher at Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa restaurant on Watling Street, a stones throw from the cathedral. Watling Street is was an ancient trackway that ran from Canterbury to St. Albans and later extended to Wroxeter by the Romans. More details are at wikipedia.

I had actually started off this little outing on St. Stephens Row, which is behind Mansion House and just outside the area described above.

I then made my way onto Queen Victoria Street and to the rather challenging Sise Lane, which is not much longer than what you can see in the picture below. I think this image falls into "best of a bad job" category,

Round the corner from here is Pancras Lane. The following image is from the site of the former St. Pancras church which was destroyed in the Great Fire of London. Its now a lovely little garden of which more detail can be found at the website its creators Studio Weave.

Next up was Well Court, which owes its name to seven watering holes sunk there during Roman Times. Excavation of this alley has led the discovery of many roman building remains and artifacts.

Walking through the arch at the end of Well Court, leads to Bow Lane, named after the St, Mary-le-Bow church on Cheapside.

Just off of Bow Lane Bow Churchyard, which surrounds St. Mary-le-Bow church. Im quite pleased with the image below, even if I do say so myself.

My final image of the this outing was back on Queen Victoria Street.

I  had quite a bit of holiday left over from last year, so took a day off to do some photography. However the weather was awful. I did manage to get a few good shots, but most were on the south side of the Thames and therefore not in the city and not part of this project. The only shot within the city that I managed to get was on Carter Lane.

And that is all I managed to take in February, so below is the updated map.

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