Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mostly around Mansion House Tube Station

This is a shortish post and as the title suggests, most of the pictures where taken near Mansion house tube station(back in April).
The first lot of shots were taken in the morning prior to work and the sun was still fairly low and casting lots of nice shadows. First up is Great St. Thomas Apostle, just next to Mansion House tube station. Until the great fire of London, the medieval church of St. Thomas the Apostle was sited here. It was originally built in 1170 and at the time was simply called the Church of St. Thomas. However a few years later cam the Church of St. Thomas a Becket in Cheapside, and there was a need to distinguish between the two.

Heading along here and away from Mansion House, the street turns into Cloak Lane and just off Cloak Lane is College Hill where I took the following shot.

Back towards the tube station and behind it lies Great Trinity Lane.

Off of here is Little Trinity Lane, which is perhaps longer rather than littler, but which presented littler photographic opportunities.

Running down the side of the tube station is Garlick Hill and towards the bottom of the hill I came to perhaps the smallest "street" that I have come across during this project. Minver place as you can see from the image below is not much longer than the length of a motorbike. I don't think it would be wide enough to park a car, but If you could, I don't think you would be able to get out of the car.

That was the last shot I took that morning, but during that week I made few attempts to photograph Albion Way, which is no where near here but just off the Rotunda by the Museum of London. I finally settled on this image looking down  a car park stairwell. I think it is only the second time I have done some "colour popping" (the first was also a picture in this project).

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