Monday, 14 September 2015

A short One

This is a short post which will take us up to the end of June. Nun Court is a very small alley just off Coleman Street, itself quite a long street which runs between London Wall down to Gresham Street. Nun Court is perhaps the street that I have walked past the most during this project, and have wondered many times how to get an interesting image. I finally got some inspiration one evening and was very pleased with the end result.

The rest of the images here are in the area south of St. Paul's. Dean's Court, just off St. Paul's Churchyard, us  another street I had been down a few times and struggled for inspiration. I think part of the reason is that it attracts a lot of smokers, who are not moving and just look on,  wondering why on earth anyone would chose to photograph there. This time I managed to get an Ok image, and the smoker was too busy looking at his phone to notice me.

Dean's Court leads to Carter Lane and heading west you could easily miss a very small courtyard called Wardrobe Place. Previously I photographed and blogged about the nearby Wardrobe Terrace, and it is here at Wardrobe Place that the Edward III moved the royal finery in 1359, from the tower of London.  For a place with such history I have certainly not done it justice.

A short way further along Carter Lane is St. Andrew's Hill.

Close by is Creed Lane and off here is a small lane and certainly not a square, called Ludgate Square. 

This leads onto Ludgate Hill, and from hear I headed west a little. On the south side almost opposite Old Bailey is Pageantmaster Court.Its a short street, featuring only one building on either side so does not offer many photographic opportunities, but on this occasion I was blessed with some good light.

And that takes us up to the end of June, and with it an updated map.

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