Friday, 4 September 2015

Oops, Way behind

Crikey I almost forgot about the blog. Now are up to June and there is probably not too many more posts to come.

The next set of shots were taken on a couple of evenings after work. The first image, taken on Broken Wharf near the Thames and just off High Timber Street, is one that made me laugh when I saw the scene. Its a group of charity runners queuing for the toilets before the race, all with "Crisis", the name of the charity on their backs. I couldn't help thinking that it would be a real crisis if there was not toilet paper. Perhaps that is what the guy on the phone is ringing for.

Also just off High Timber Street is Stew Lane and Gardners Lane, neither of which presented many photo opportunities. Perhaps I was cheating a little with Stew Lane as it doesn't show the street as such but instead shows a ladder leading down to the river. I was on the lane when I took the image though, looking down over a wall at the very end of the lane.

High Timber Street is a fork off Upper Thames Street and on the other side of Upper Thames Street is another fork, Castle Baynard Street. Castle Baynard Street doesn't really have a lot going for it  - all of it is under a tunnel, which then comes out onto Puddle Dock.

Close by is  a foot Bridge crossing Upper Thames Street which leads onto Fye Foot Lane, a pedestrian only lane which takes you to Queen Victoria Street. There is not a lot on this lane, jus the sides of some office buildings, but there some quite nice shadows were being cast.

Near to the first image of this entry is Trig Lane seen below. In the background is the Millennium (or Wobbly) Bridge and the Tate Modern art gallery.

That was the last image I took on that evening, but a few days later I managed to get a few more images, which are all a bit spread out as I was filling in some gaps. Doby Court, is a very small yard outside an office and is not much to look at - you certainly wouldn't visit it unless you were mad enough to do a project like this. I struggled to know what to take, but then quite liked the combination of the bright red road side and the metal behind it.

Watling Court, between Watling Street and Cannon Street, is another uninteresting street, which is currently blocked off at the Cannon Street end due to some building work. I did have a good chat with the lady on the left of the picture though, who was very interested in this project. If she looked at the blog she is probably wondering what happened to her picture as its so long since I took the shot.

Queen Street starts way up at a junction with Cheapside but leads all the down to Southwark bridge, first turning into Queen Street Place at the junction with Upper Thames Street.  Here as you can see in these final images of Queen Street Place and Southwark Bridge, there were some lovely shadows being cast onto the street by the sun.

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