Thursday, 10 July 2014

A very short one

I was only in my London office two days this week, so only managed to get out with my camera one evening after work. Thus I only have a few photographs and not much to say about them.

Starting off at Barbican again;I have nearly completed the Barbican, just a few bits left which I hope to tick off next week. Mountjoy Close is a small walkway at the end of Wallside, with an entrance to Mountjoy Walk at each end.

Round the corner from here is Thomas More Highwalk.

At the other end of Thomas More Highwalk is John Wesley Highwalk. This picture shows a staircase that leads down to Aldersgate Street.

My Final shot is of Rotunda, a roundabout featuring a building that is part of the Barbican; with a sunken garden area on top and walkways to the surrounding buildings.

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