Monday, 7 July 2014

Barbican Part 3

This week I was only about to get out with my camera on a couple of occasions and so havent managed to tick off that many streets. My time was spent all in the Barbican, which I have now covered most of, but a few areas remain.

First up is are a few pictures of Moorfields Highwalk. I already photographed here, but saw a few nice opportunities for good photos.

Next up was Andrews Highwalk, where there was deep shadows and beam of light along the highwalk.

The next shot is taken from St. Giles Terrace, where St. Giles Church is located. Their is thought to have been a church on this spot for a thousand years. It was last rebuilt in 1394, but has required extensive restoration at various times, notably after the Great Fire of London and the Second world War.

On the other side of the lake from St. Giles Terrace is Lakeside Terrace. The shot below was actually taken from above the terrace on Defoe Place.

Talking of which, here a couple of shots taken from Defoe Place -

At the other end of Defoe Place is Ben Johnson Place, where Shakespeare Tower is situated. For many years this tower was listed in the Guinness book of Records as the highest residential building in Europe.

Frorbisher Crescent has two floors, named Frorbisher Crescent and Upper Frorbisher Crescent.

At the end of Frorbisher Crescent is Gilbert Bridge which connects to the Postern.

My final picture of the week is taken looking down on Beech Street and was my favourite image of the week.

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