Saturday, 19 July 2014

Completing Barbican

I think Barbican is a Marmite sort of place; people either love it or hate it. Personally I love it, and if I won the lottery, but not enough to stop working, then I would consider buying a flat in the Barbican and for use during the working week. Having said that I am glad to have completed photographing the Barbican for various reasons 1) Few of the "streets or walkways are on Google Maps, some are on Bing Maps, but neither is complete and neither is the sum of the two. This makes marking off progress difficult 2)  Being concentrated in the same small area for a while made me feel that I wasn't making much progress 3) It was becoming difficult to find new angles from which to photograph vast amounts of concrete. I do however think that the estate is very photogenic and will probably go back some time to photograph it again, but it was becoming a bit of a chore. Anyway on with the photographs..

First up is Moor Lane (which I had previously photographed), although the lane is actually not visible as it is below what is seen in the shot. The image was taken from Willoughby Highwalk and shows Moorfields Highwalk making its way through an old 60's looking building that looks to have been vacant for a while.

Silk Street joins onto Moor Lane, and at the end of Silk Street is Cromwell Place right below the imposing Cromwell Tower.

At the end of Beech Street, within the estate is Lauderdale Place. I struggled for a while to get a picture here, but in the end I really like what I came away with; a simple shot, but with lots of lines, patterns and angles.

Back up on to the highwalks and John Trimble Highwalk. The area below is Lauderdale place and the grate and staircase to the right are those in the picture aboce.

Close by is White Lyon Court, which is more like a ramp, leading down towards the now closed YMCA building.

And Finally Beech Gardens. I waited here for a while for someone interesting to come into shot, and after a few minutes was rewarded with two construction workers pushing wheel barrows, one of them containing a traffic cone.

Bye Barbican.

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