Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Catching up again

I am still catching up with the blogging as it has been a busy couple of weeks. In fact last week I didnt manage a single photo for the first time, so I am actually writing about the week before. Better get on with it then...

As mentioned I was a bit busy so didn't have the opportunity to go further afield, so instead a few short outings. The first was on the way home via Barbican tube, and walking down Aldersgate Street  I noticed a part of the Barbican estate that I had previously missed - Shaftesbury Place.

A bit further up the road off Aldersgate Street is a little alley through buildings called Braidwood Passage.

Close by is East Passage. Near the end of the ally, not seen in the picture, is Ye Old Red Cow, one of the oldest pubs in the area.

The following morning I got off the tube at Moorgate and crossed a few streets off the list on the way to work. First was Coleman Street Buildings which connects Coleman Street with Moorgate; this is a picture I am really pleased with -

Further down Moorgate and closer to the Bank of England lies Kings Arms Yard, which connects Coleman Street to Tokenhouse Yard, crossing Moorgate.

Speaking of which, the following picture is of Tokenhouse Yard. The street gets its name from a "token house" established in the early 17th Century, where tokens were produced to be given as change, prior to the introduction of the half-penny and farthing.The tokens were stamped with an emblem identifying a particular trader, and could only be spent with that trader, and acted much like gift tokens today. The practise lasted for about fourty years.

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