Sunday, 24 August 2014

The times they are a changing

Most of the shots around this post are taken around Fenchurch Street, though not Fenchurch Street itself as I have already shot that street.

Starting with Star Alley, the two shots below were taken outside a small traditional cafe, where you get served bacon butties and tea in random mugs, such as the Micky Mouse one in the picture below. I chatted to the guy in the first picture for a few a few minutes and he told me that the Cafe where he goes for his usual morning cuppa was closing down soon. The owner came out and spoke to me for a few minutes as well; he told me how rents were being put high so as to push them out, and probably build a new office block, no doubt with a Starbucks or Costa Coffee. Its a little sad; there is so much character in the city, but it is slowly being knocked down and replaced with shiny new buildings that they have to put a sun shade over to stop them reflecting the sun down on to the streets and melting cars.

Star Alley is just off Mark Lane, seen below in fairly poor image.

The following shot is from Dunsters Court, a private courtyard and home to the Clothworkers company.

The other side of Mark Lane is London Street, where the main entrance to Fenchurch Street Station is located. Just off he is a small Alley called New London Street.

Over to the other side of Fenchurch Street now and to Fenchurch Avenue; the building on the left is the Willis building.

Connecting her to Fenchurch Street is Billiter Square, a quite unattractive square which leads to a little alley leading to Hogarth Court.

The final shot of this post is about 5 minutes walk away on Batholomew Lane. Shown is the side of the Bank of England and the entrance to the Bank of England Museum, with perhaps the largest doors in the city.

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