Monday, 8 September 2014

Will I ever catch up?

Yes, I hope so. I am a few weeks behind on this blogging  lark, which has been further interrupted by a lovely holiday. But now I am back and hope to be able to remember something about the pictures I took a few weeks ago.

Another trip after work around the Hoborn/ Chancery Lane area, which I first visited a while back. I really hope to cover this area and down to the river before the clocks change and it starts to get dark much earlier. First up is Staple Inn buildings, which takes its name from Staple Inn, a tudor building on High Holborn dating back to 1585.

Turning right at the end of here, leads to Southampton Buildings, which to the casual observer would appear to be two separate streets that join at right angles; they share the same name though, so one picture crosses off what I thought was two streets on the map.

Then onto Chancery Lane, famed for its association with the legal profession and boasting the Law Society as one of its residents; and all I could come up with was a picture of someone outside a ten-a-penny cafe. Oh well!

I think I must have been struggling for inspiration at this point of the evening, as from here I moved onto Fleet Street, famed for its historical association with the newspaper trade. And I photographed..

To be fair though, I did think that it might have some historical merit and worthy of preserving in some form. I have searched on the great interweb, but have not found out anything about 'Craig's'.

There are lots of little alley's of Fleet Street, most of which will be recorded on another day. One with a great name that I did manage to photograph (not so greatly) is Hen and Chicken Court.

It turns out that the wall on the right of first image is actually the side of 186 Fleet Street, the location of Sweeny Todd's barber shop. And the picture of the tiles, would be on the shop on the other side of the barbers.

From Fleet Street I turned onto Fetter Lane and photographed one of the alleys that run off it, Crane Court. Again not the best of shots.

I then headed towards New Street Square, which I had photographed before, and shot some of its surrounding streets. First up is  Great New Street.

Next is  East Harding Street, where this building (the other side of the building to the right in the picture above), seemed to be rather strangely covered in dense foliage.

And on the other side of the square is Bartlett Court, where I was taken by the light and the patterns.

The last shot of the evening left me a little bit puzzled. By my reckoning it was taken on St. Andrews Street, but the address on the office door was Holborn Circus. The latter is what I am marking this down as.

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