Sunday, 6 April 2014

Discovering the Project

At my camera club we had a talk/presentation by a excellent natural history photographer, who spoke a bit about her "journey" in obtaining a fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society. I had previously considered applying for Licentiateship (the first level of distinction at the RPS), but the cost of membership is quite high and the benefits were not obvious. Anyway, I was intrigued enough to look at the RPS website again, and that is how I came across the "Bleeding London" project. I immediately signed up and joined the Flickr group.

I managed to get out with the camera once this week. First up was Broadgate Circle. Strictly speaking I don't think this counts a street, but I am going to include it here. The shot is taken through as sculpture called Fulcrum by Richard Serra.

Also probably not counting are the following two shots at Finsbury Avenue Square and Exchange Square, but it does raise the question of what counts as a "street"? Perhaps these places have a postal address and if so then perhaps that qualifies them?

I recently saw a great shot from the Steps on Appold Street to Exchange Square, with some strong shadows which had inspired me to try something similar (bit different). However it was the wrong time of day and the light was very flat, so I settled on a different shot altogether.

Finally, a shot on Bishopsgate. 

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