Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Upping the Pace

After realising the scale of what I had set myself I tried to be a bit more productive this week. However I dont want to just go from street to street and take a quick snap, before moving on the next street; I still want to try to take reasonably good photos, but equally with the timescale I have I know that I cannot wait around for long at spots waiting for interesting things to happen. There are a few streets where I havent got anything I am happy with and will aim to return; only time will tell whether I get the opportunity to return or have to use the pictures I already have.

I realised that I need a plan and a strategy, and I still need to work this out. But I did make a start by travelling to/from Moorgate rather than Liverpool Street. However I dont really want to cover all of the areas closest to my office at the start, leaving all the furthest locations till the end.

Sun Street has the wealth of the Exchange Square buildings on one side of the road, whilst the other is very run down. However a lot of old run down buildings are boarded up and it looks like it is going to be redeveloped fairly soon.

Round the bend towards the end of Appold Street, I noticed the street name change to "Snowden Street", which confused me. However later I realised that the sign is kind of in the wrong place, but definitly facing the wrong way as it as side street, just round the corner of the building in this picture.

Round the corner from Appold Street is Worship Street where a lot of development seems to about to happen - the money in the city is definitely moving east.

Round the corner from Worship Street is Norton Folgate, which up the road a bit further turns into Bishopsgate.

My final picture on this particular day was taken heading back to the office along Sun Street Passage which is a small alley which leads from Exchange Square to Liverpool Street Station. Towards Liverpool Street station it gets a bit narrower and there is a lot of scaffolding and boards around/over it due to development work.

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