Monday, 28 April 2014

Chaos on the Tubes

Tube Strikes caused major disruption to London this week, but luckily I was able to work from home during the two days of striking. I did however manage to take quite a few shots.

To start with though, is a shot from last week that I forgot to post. Sugar Bakers Court is a small passage off Greenchurch Lane, not far from the Gherkin. There wasn't much to photograph, but I quite like this shot. The immediate are of and surrounding this passage escaped the Great Fire of London, and shortly after confectioners set up here, which led to its name (although it was first called
"Sugar Bakers Yard").

The next image is of Throgmorton Street, and is my favourite picture of the week. I think it was the only evening where the sun was not hidden behind a drab covering a cloud, and hence resulted in lovely long shadows. The building in the background is the Bank of England.

From here I went towards Moorgate to catch the tube, walking along Coleman Street, where I saw an interesting piece of "art" outside one the office, and I immediately started looking for a shot where I could utilise the reflections in the metal.

Further up Coleman Street, to the left, is Basinghall Avenue, where again I was treated to some lovely long shadows. The building here is Girdlers Hall, home to The Girdler's Company, one of the 109 Livery Companies of the City of London.

In the book ("Bleeding London"), the character Stuart, who walks every street in London, marks them off with a black pen in an A-Z map. In order to keep track of my progress I am also marking off the streets in black on a map, but in slightly more hi-tech fashion. I want track this progress, month by month, and therefore decided to end this post at the end of April, with the map of my progress to date. I will post these images in the "Progress" page also.

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