Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Another Short Week

Another bank holiday meant it was another short week, but at least the tube strike was cancelled. One of my goals this week was to fill in a few of the streets that I had missed around the Liverpool Street area. Starting off with Finsbury Avenue, a small road leading to Finsbury Avenue Square (which I photographed in the first week or so of this project). Having passed this street a few times, I knew that there was a chance of a picture if the light was right, and on this particular day there were some great shadows, created by some trees.

I walked through Finsbury Avenue Square, along Appold Street and to Pindar Street, a small L shaped  that connects to Primrose Street, and also a tunnel that I think goes under/to Liverpool Street Station.

Primrose Street was also on my list this day, but I walked its length without remembering to take a picture, as I made my way towards E1 for the first time during this project, to Brushfield Street, of which only the first couple of hundred metres are within the City.

The boundary of the City turns off onto Fort Street, of which I could only access roughly the first 20 feet, as the remainder was closed off due to construction work. This left minimal photographic opportunities. The only building before all the boards was a hairdressers, and I was lucky enough to catch somebody coming down the stairs - I really like this picture.

As I couldn't go along Fort Street I made my way back to Bishopsgate and then down Artillery Lane. The sun was really strong and their was a huge difference in light between the lit and shaded parts of the street.

The same day, in the evening I walked to Moorgate determined to get a shot of Finsbury Circus.On the way I got this shot on Blomfield Street, though it doesn't really show any of the street.

The next day on the way home I decided to walk to Aldgate Tube Station and tick of some of the smaller streets on my way, starting off with Heneage Lane, off Beavis Marks. There is not a lot to this place, although on side is the wall of the synagogue on Beavis Marks. According to Synagogue Scribes, it was once called Lousy Lane.

At the end of the lane is Greenchurch Lane, where you can find the Old Tea Warehouse, a lovely pub that I used to frequent years ago when working on St. Mary Axe. The name comes from the fact that it used to be owned by the East India Tea Company.

Annoyingly I didn't realise that the L part of the lane (back towards Beavis Marks) actually changes into Greenchurch Place, so I will have to go back to this spot.  From here I made my way down to Mitre Street and Mitre Square, of which there is not much to say, and certainly not much to photograph in the latter case.

At this point I decided to put my camera away and head for home, However on Aldgate High Street I cam across a huge wooden structure,which turns out to be in commemoration to the streets most famous resident, Geoffrey Chaucer. More information can be found at Studio Weave.

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