Wednesday, 21 May 2014

More from around Liverpool Street and Bishopsgate

This week I wanted to fill in the area surrounding Liverpool Street and that end of Bishopsgate and this area is now almost complete.

Starting off with Liverpool Street itself. About half of Liverpool Street is currently closed off due to work on Crossrail, but there is still a lot of interest including the station itself and the Andaz Hotel, originally  the Great Eastern Hotel built in 1884. However Instead I chose to shoot what I believe is an old and now closed entrance to the tube station (which I think would probably lead to the Circle/Metropolitan/Hammersmith and City Line).

On the right and behind here is White Hart Court. This yard would have been property of the White Hart pub which has been around since medieval times, but rebuilt in 1829.

Up the few steps (in the right of the picture) leads you to Alderman's Walk, of which there isn't really much to say, other than it leads from Bishopsgate to Old Broad Street. I though I had taken a picture of Alderman's court but I hadn't. The following picture is of White Hart Court again, to the left of the above picture, and showing a part of Bishopsgate.

The following picture actually is of a footpath that connect Alderman's walk to Bishopsgate Churchyard, and doesn't have a sign, so I guess it could be part of one or the other.

Talking of which, below is Bishopsgate Churchyard which attracts a lot of people at lunch time as it a nice quite and green place to relax, chat and eat. The churchyard is part of St. Botolph-without Bishopsgate. There has been a church on this site since medieval times and its position was just outside the city gates near the "Bishops Gate". The church narrowly escaped the Great Fire, but only due to the Sexton's house being demolished to stop the spread of fire.The current church was rebuilt in 1725 and completed three years later. I should probably take a picture of the church too.

Near the end of the Churchyard and also Alderman's walk is an entrance to Liverpool Street underground station, situated just inside "The Arcade". This perhaps should not be included here as it is not a street as such although is marked on the maps.

On the other side of Bishopsgate, I headed to Victoria Avenue which is at the side of the Bishopsgate City of London police station. I'm not sure how I missed this street previously as I photographed several streets either side of it, and behind it.

Then I moved on to Devonshire Row, which was originally a driveway for Devonshire House on Devonshire Square, built in the 16th Century.

Towards the top end of Devonshire Row, on the right hand side is all Cavendish Square, which is thought to have been a footpath for servants and the like from Devonshire House to use. There is currently some major development going on to the right of the picture, behind the board.

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