Saturday, 24 May 2014

Around Moorgate again

I had a few streets to left to photograph on the South Side of Moorgate and ticked them all off this week.
At the side of the station is Moor Place, where a plaque commemorates  the fourty three people who died at the station in 1975, when a train failed to stop and crashed into the wall at the end of the Tunnel. There is also a memorial close by at Finsbrury Square. The accident led to the introduction of safety systems which automatically stops a train if the driver fails to brake, which became informally known as  "Moorgate Protection". Hundreds it not thousands of people walk out of the station and past here every day, and this picture made me wonder how many are oblivious to the tragic event that happened beneath their feet.

Apologies for the sombre start. This was on my way to work in the morning and I crossed Moorgate and headed down South Place, which I had walked down several times before during this project. Previously I had photographed the end closest to Liverpool Street, not realising that it changed name half way. In the picture below, South Place turns into Eldon Street where the Red Lion pub is.

To the side of South Place is South Place Mews, a small street made even smaller due to development and with not much to photograph.

The same evening I walked back towards Moorgate station and photographed the two remaining streets I had missed between Copthall Avenue and Moorgate. First I went to Moorgate Place, where stands Chartered Accountants Hall, home to the Institute of Chartered Accountants, seen in the picture below.

The building was completed in 1893. In 1959, the building was extended with five stories suspend above the great hall, and a second facade on Copthall Avenue, built in a mixture of concrete and glass. The picture below is taken from Langthorn Court a small side street off the avenue, which show that blending of concrete and glass.

That's it for this week. Another short week next week due to a a bank holiday on Monday.

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