Sunday, 18 May 2014

Catching up

I didn't manage to take any pictures this week, as for various reasons I was only in London for one day. However I still have a few pictures from last week that I didn't get round to posting.

Starting off with Primrose Street, which I had been down twice before, but not photographed. This turned out to  be something I was glad of, as on this occasion I noticed an interesting building that I hadn't spotted before. Not only that,  but the sun was casting some fantastic shadows down on to the ground.

I then ventured down Bishopsgate and onto Middlesex Street , which runs all the way to Aldgate High Street. The famous Petticoat Lane market, actually consists of markets on two streets, Middlesex and Wentworth Street. This image is close to the Bishopsgate end and is of The Shooting Star Pub, which dates back to 1896.

Close by  there is a left fork in the road, which turns into Widegate Street.

Just before the junction with Sandys Row (where the red building is in the picture above), there is a tiny alley on the right called White Rose Court, which doesn't offer many photographic opportunities.

The City boundary follows Fort Street onto Sandy Row, before turning onto Middlesex Street. Located here is the  Sandy's Row Synagogue. The building was constructed in 1766, but has been a synagogue since 1857. I found a fantastic set of images relating to life here at Life at Sandy's Row Synagogue.

Just behind Middlesex Street is the fantastically named Catherine wheel Alley, small alley which becomes tiny about half way towards Bishopsgate. Its name comes from a pub the Catherine Wheel,which was demolished in 1911. Dick Turpin is alleged to have held meeting in this alley to plot his next hold up.  One of things that amuses me when going down some of these small alleys are the yellow lines; they are often so narrow that there really is no need for yellow lines on both sides, and at this part of Catherine Wheel Alley, you might just about be able to park a Smart car, but not without three of its sides being on yellow lines.

Near the Middlesex end of this alley is another, called Cock Hill.

Cock Hill leads to New Street. In the picture below, you can see the rear of the City of London Police Station, which is situated on Bishopsgate and one of only three stations in the force.

Just to the left of the station is Rose Alley which connects to Bishopsgate. However it is gated off to the public, so the picture below shows all that is accessible, and this limits photographic opportunities somewhat.

In the next few weeks I plan to fill in more of the streets between Liverpool Street and Aldgate, and also between Moorgate and Barbican.

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