Friday, 19 December 2014

Another month passes

This post marks the end of November (still a bit behind) and I'm beginning to feel like the end is in sight, but only a little closer than the horizon. The shots here were taken on two days in the last week of the month and are a mixture of around Cannon Street or down on the Thames footpath.

First up is Abchurch Yard. Not my best picture but any means but I like the lead in lines here. The  building in the background is St. Mary Abchurch (another post fire of london Wren Church).

The following shot is taken on the steps at the entrance to Cannon Street station.

Next is Swan Lane which leads from Upper Thames Street down to the Thames. I have seen some great pictures of the building in the picture below in the past, with the bright yellow of the building contrasting against a clear blue sky and I have wanted to take such a shot, but didn't recognise the building at the time. Instead I opted for a reflection shot and perhaps it is a good thing that I found my own image rather than copied someone else's, even if mine is not as good.

I then walked along the Thames footpath, where the name changes frequently. The fist image below is of Oystergate Walk, and the second is Hanseatic Walk.

The following day I headed down to the river again, filling in a few streets along the way. Birchin Lane was one of the last, if not the last street between Cornhill and Lombard Street, that I still needed to photograph.

A bit further on and on the south side of Cannon Street is Martin Lane.

The bottom of Martin Lane leads onto Arthur Street where I encountered some construction workers engaging in traffic duties.

From here I crossed Upper Thames Street and onto Angel Lane whose most prominent feature is a large shiny building occupied by the Japanese bank Nomura.

At the end of Angel Lane is the Thames footpath and I walked westerly along here for a bit, My next image is of Steelyard Passage which passes underneath Cannon Street station. Its quite a dark passage but does have some ground level lights. It also features a sound installation that allegedly plays industrial sounds from days gone by, but personally I thought it sounded quite spooky.

My last shot of the day and of the month also was of Peters Hill, which leads from the river up to St. Paul's Cathedral. On the left of the image below is the millennium (or wobbly) bridge.

The updated map now looks as follows -

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