Sunday, 14 December 2014

More Between Cannon Street and Bank

I manage to fill in a few more streets on a quick afternoon walk (I rarely have a lunch break) and concentrated my time not to far from work, First up is Post Office Court - where the general post office was located from 1678 to 1829.

The following shot is of King William Street, which runs diagonally from Bank down to Monument, and should have lots of possibilities for an interesting shot. Unfortunately the best I managed was of a bus.

The next two streets are Abchurch Lane and Nicholas Lane, both I which I mentioned in my previous post, and which are parallel to each other and run from Lombard Street down to Cornhill. I'm quite pleased with the second image, which is of Nicholas Lane.

As it was a quick break from the office I headed back towards work, but managed to shoot a couple more streets on the way, both of which were near Bank tube. The first was of Mansion House Place where I spotted this girl with matching outfit and suitcase next to some rather large plant pots.

The other and last image of my short walk was of Walbrook, on the other side of the Mansion House, and is of one of the entrances/exits to/from Bank Tube.

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