Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Every Time I catch up I fall behind

This time I have fallen behind in both editing my pictures and posting them on flickr, as well as blogging about them. This has been partly due to my PC dying, which was an expense I had not been planning for just before Christmas. Anway..

This post is focused around a walk down to the river one afternoon during a quick work break; I dont really have lunch breaks, other than to pop out and get a sandwich, which I then eat at my desk, so I feel ok in doing this. I headed towards Monument and down Eastcheep where I spotted some workman standing outside a building that was being renovated. On the front of the building was a picture of some of cityscape, and the workmen in front of it seemed fitting.

Walking towards the Tower the Tower, Eastcheep turns into Great Tower Street. The picture below was taken outside the Hung Drawn and Quartered pub, named (obviously) after the torturous acts performed at the Tower of London.

At the side of the pub is small alley called Fowkes Buildings where I took the shot below; it seemed a better image at the time of taking.

I then headed to the river and onto Custom House Walkway. The picture below is taken from here, but is looking over to the Shard on the other side of the river.

Continuing along the river the next two shots were taken on Old Billingsgate Walk and were the final shots of a short break from the office.

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