Sunday, 14 December 2014

Down by the river again, and elsewhere

I may be brief with this entry as I am about 4 weeks behind and need to get a few posts out in quick succession perhaps. I began the week with another walk down to the river, starting just to the east of London Bridge at Old Waterman's  Walk. This is a section of the Thames that can be prone to flooding and the markings on the pavement indicate the distance from the river.

The section between here and London Bridge is Grants' Quay Wharf and here I took a few half decent photos.

Continuing along the river but on the other side of London Bridge is Fishmonger's Hall Wharf. I must confess that at some point walking along the river I regretted a little, my decision to photograph anything with a street sign,since name changes frequently along this stretch of the Thames.

This particular outing was a lunchtime walk, so at this point I had to start heading back to the office, but still had time to cover a few streets on the way back. Sherbone Lane is one of the streets between Cannon Street and King William Street and it seems to be entirely under construction and closed to vehicle, and at this time pedestrians too, so photographic opportunities were limited

A couple of streets away is Nicholas Passage which connect Nicholas Lane with Abchurch Lane.

The last photo of the day was closer to work and at Royal Exchange Avenue, which as the name suggests is close to the Royal Exchange building.

The next morning a made a rare journey on the central line, getting off at Bank, and with a few minutes to spare managed to take a few shots. First was Cornhill.

Continuing up Cornhill and away from Bank, there are many little alleys to the side, some already photographed and some like Ball Court, still to be crossed off the list.

One other such alley on the other side of Cornhill is White Lion Court. There was not too much to photograph here, but rather appropriately there were two white lions at the entrance to one of the offices.

And then it was time for work.

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