Saturday, 14 June 2014

A short One

A Very short entry, with yet more streets around Bishopsgate (only one or two left). First up is Broad Street Avenue, which doesn't look like much of an Avenue, certainly at present; the building work that can be seen is due to the Crossrail development, and which when completed will enable me to get straight into the City without having to get off a train and onto a tube at Paddington.

Next up is New Broad Street, which connects Old Broad Street to Bloomfield Street.

This leaves only one Street left off Broad Street left to photograph; Great Winchester Street. Great Winchester Street is almost opposite my work and I must have walked past it a hundred times since I started this project, but only down it a couple of times. On it is a goods entrance to Deutsche bank, and there are always three or four intimidating looking security guards. One one occasion I asked if I could photograph one of the guards, who politely refused, and I haven't managed to photograph it since. I guess I can photograph it any time, since it is so close, but I must try and do so soon.

Last up on this entry is Great St. Helen's, and not a very good photograph.St. Helen's church dates from the 12th Century and is the largest surviving church in the City. I dont feel like I have done it justice in this picture.

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