Saturday, 7 June 2014

More from Bishopsgate to Aldgate

There are still a handful of streets between Bishopspgate and Aldgate to shoot, but I have now have nearly of them. The following shots were taken one evening after work on the way to Aldgate tube station. First up this is week is Outwich Street, and this picture is taken from the back of the Heron Tower, or a as it now (a little controversially ) called the 'Salesforce Tower London' after its biggest tenant,

Next up is Cutler Street, which joins up with Devonshire Square. This shot is similar to my previous shot of Devonshire Square, except that it is taken further down the road and on the other side of the bushes/trees.

 Just off Cutler Street and almost behind the camera position in the above picture is Clothier Street. There is not much here, its a short road that just leads to the back of some offices and shops. This shot shows a small alley leading back onto Cutler Street.

Close by, connecting Houndsditch to Beavis Marks, is Goring Street, a small street containing nothing but rather bland office buildings.

Continuing up Beavis Marks, the road turns into Dukes Place. Here I managed to get a shot containing both the Gherkin and the "Cheese Grater".

Whilst here, I noticed a little alley not on Google Maps (ahead and to the left of the taxi). On closer inspection I found it to be St. James Passage. This passage leads to Mitre Square which I had photographed before, but not noticed the passage (possibly as it was not on the map). I have found quite a few little streets and alleys that are not on Google Maps, and sometimes also consult Bing Maps, which also has some inaccuracies or missing streets, but not always the same ones as Google Maps.

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