Thursday, 5 June 2014

100 not out

I finished off the week and the month by making it to 100 streets photographed. I started from Aldgate tube station one morning, with time to spare before going to work. First stop was St. Botolph Street, where St. Botolph's Church is located - one of the four medieval London churches dedicated to the saint. This is not a picture of the church, rather the exit of an unnamed alley that run to Aldgate High Street.

Heading towards work, the next stop was Stoney Lane, to take a rather bad photograph, which has not been saved by the conversion to black and white.

Stoney Lane leads from Houndsditch to White Kennett Street, where I came across a traffic warden about to give someone a ticket.

Next up, and round the corner is Harrow Place, where I saw this great sign.

Last stop before work was Houndsditch and I was immediately drawn to this scene. This used to be a Starbucks and its almost nice to see one has closed down, for some reason.

The same evening I managed a few more shots, filling in more of this area between Bishopsgate and Aldgate.  Undershaft is just off St. Mary Axe and the Gherkin can be clearly seen in the background. The building on the left is where I worked when first in the City back in 1998. I remember watching progress of the Gherkin being built. day by day, and remember the whole office gently vibrating constantly when they were digging the foundations.

To the right of the Gherkin is a small Alley/Lane called Brown's Buildings, a small section of which is covered by a  building overhead; its not clear if Brown's Buildings refers to just the covered bit or the whole lane/alley.

There are two straight streets that are parallel and very close to each other, running from Bishopsgate to Aldgate High Street. One is Houndsditch. The other starts off as Camomile Street (see previous blog entry) before turning into Beavis Marks and then finally into Dukes Place. The following picture is of Beavis Marks, which is probably most known for its synagogue, which is the oldest in Britain. Photographing that would be obvious though, wouldn't it?

My last shot of the month is of Creechurch Place. I had photographed Creechurch Lane before, not realising (thanks to Google maps) that as it goes round a bend, the road changes name. That is one thing I have to look out for, as well as many smaller streets and alleys that are not on Google Maps at all. Anyway the month was finished off with a rather poor effort, but there really wasn't much to photograph.

Finally to finish with, the updated maps showing my progress.

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