Sunday, 8 June 2014

North of Barbican

I may have touched on this before, but I don't want to leave the areas furthest away from work, till last; when  winter is upon us and the nights are much much shorter. Thus I will be trying to spread out a bit further over the next few weeks, perhaps covering some of the border of the city from Barbican west to Chancery Lane and then down to Temple.

This week I spent some time (mostly) north of Barbican, a little bit of the City that juts out north. I missed a few streets but made good progress, and took a few shots that I am really happy with. I started off at Chiswell Street, only about half of which is in the City, and the half that is, is on the border. It was a lovely evening and the sun was casting some fantastic shadows.

I then turned right onto Whitecross Street, where I cheated, just a tiny bit. Only the first 50 metres or so of the street are in the City before the boundary turns left and my picture is probably about 20 metres outside the boundary. The very colourful building is the Golden Lane Campus, where three relocated schools reside - Prior Weston Primary School, Fortune Park Surestart Children’s, and the Richard Cloudesley School for children with physical disabilities.

I then went to Golden Lane, where I took two shots. The first is of the other side Golden Lane Campus and the second is taken further down the street, of Stanley Cohen House, part of the Golden Lane estate.

Just off Golden Lane is Cripplegate Street which; Its very easy to miss the street, looking from Golden Lane, and it is not on Google Maps either.  But I'm glad I did spot it as I got my shot of the day. I was immediately drawn to shadows cast by the pillers, and got a nice composition but really wanted someone to walk into the shot. The street was so quite I didn't think I would have much luck, but thankfully I only had a couple of minutes to wait.

Going further up Golden Lane I followed the city boundary onto Baltic Street West, where I took another shot with great shadows, outside somebody's front door at Hatfield House.

I then turned onto Goswell Road and took this shot beneath Crescent House.

Fann Street connect Goswell Road with Golden Lane, though half-way down the road is blocked off to traffic. At the corner with Goswell Road is the Barbican YMCA. The YMCA was due to be closed in 2012, but I am not sure if it was, it certainly still seems to be on the YMCA website, and there seems to have been a lot of negative feelings about the proposed closure. However, the sign does appear to have been taken down.

Closer to Barbican tube station, Goswell Road turns into Aldersgate Street, where I snapped these three traffic wardens.

I then followed the City boundary onto Carthusian Street, which then quickly turns into Charterhouse Square and then Charterhouse Street; only the first two of which I photographed.

My final shot of the day was taken on Lindsey Street, where I was attracted by the reflection of the sky in puddle. The building in the picture is the side of the famous Smithfield Market.

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