Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Aldgate to Tower Hill

This week I extended my coverage of the east of the City, down to Tower Hill, and covered most of the streets on/near that border, on two separate evenings.
Starting off at Aldgate, which is a surprisingly short stretch of road, sandwiched between Fenchurch Street and Aldgate High Street - there isn't much to say about this picture.

On the south side of Aldgate High Street there are two roads that arc similarly but in opposite directions, One is Little Somerset Street which leads to Mansell street which is a bit dilapidated looking.

The other leads onto Minories, and has only a bus station/depot. It has no visible name,isn't named on Google maps and isn't even on Bing Maps. I therefore chose not to photograph it. Minories and Mansell Street run parallel to each other and both lead down towards Tower Hill, with several street joining them. The next picture is of Mansell Street, taken under a railway bridge carrying trains to/from Fenchurch Street Station.

Next up is Minories, where there is a rather nice 1930's Art Deco building, "Ibex House". Legend has it that Hitler wanted Ibex House to be his command Centre after an invasion.

At the north (Aldgate High Street) end of Minories is a tiny alley called Golden Fleece Court, that isn't on Google Maps, and which I nearly missed. It doesn't go very far and the picture below shows about all there is to see, which isn't. 

A bit further down Minories is India Street, where I struggled to get an interesting photo.

Just off of India Street is Vine Street. Here I was taken in by the numerous signs on this building as well as the mess caused by what I assume is the condensate pipe from a boiler.

St Clare Street is another street off Minories and another one that I struggled with, and probably the reason why I left a couple more of the street off Minories for another day.

I did manage to get decent shots on the last two streets connecting Minories to Mansell Street, in my opinion anyway. The first is a subway going under Goodman's Yard.

Second up is Shorter Street, and this picture is actually the wall of Minories Car Park.

The last picture of this blog entry is also my favourite, taken on Tower Hill. Only a very short section of Tower Hill, perhaps 30 metres, is within the boundary of the City, and this is possibly one of the most unusual photos probably taken of Tower Hill, especially given the millions of tourists that walk along here each year. One of the things I try to do in this project though, is not to take the obvious picture.

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