Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Around Barbican again

This week I managed to get out a a few times after work, mostly around Barbican, of which this and another post will be focused on.

First up is Silk Street which is on the edge of the Barbican Centre. I couldn't choose between a few photos so post them all.

Just off Silk Street, opposite the roundabout in the above pictures is Milton Street.

At the end of Silk Street is Beech Street, where there is a road tunnel leading towards Barbican Tube.

To the north of Beech Street there are a few streets I missed out when in this area previously. About halfway through the tunnel on the right is Bridgewater Street, of which there wasn't much of interest to photograph. In fact the same could be said about the next few streets.

At the end of this street is Bridgewater Square, which was just as challenging, and I didn't come away with much of a picture.

Sometimes at first glance a street doesn't look to have much photographic opportunity but there is often something that can be turned your advantage. The following picture of Brackley Street is a case in point, where I made good use out of the concrete bollards and textured paving tiles. If I didn't have the scale of this project on my mind, then I would slow down and come away with better pictures in some of the more challenging streets,

Viscount Street, despite its grand name, was also not the most interesting of streets. A lady stopped me as I was photographing here to enquire what I was taking a picture of. She couldn't understand what I might find interesting enough about the street to photograph it, pointing out that the ex-YMCA building around around the corner was much more interesting.  I had a nice chat with her, so if she finds this blog, the picture didn't turn out too badly did it?

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